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About Us

Red Fox Healthy Living Society has two complementary missions: to promote healthy active living among children and youth, and to foster employment and life skills to youth who face barriers. Red Fox engages children and youth who face barriers, with special focus on Indigenous youth, racialized and newcomer youth, youth living on low incomes, and youth with disabilities.

Red Fox delivers a multitude of programs in Vancouver, Surrey, North Vancouver,  New Westminster, Maple Ridge, West Vancouver, and Delta.

The key to our success is our leadership continuum:  youth can go from participant of our Active Play programs at their schools and community centres, to pre-teen junior leaders, to youth leaders, to interns and then to staff members in Red Fox or at other workplaces in their


Red Fox works closely with municipal School Boards.  Students may receive school credit for participating in Red Fox training, and teachers attest that Red Fox inspires students to stay in school, graduate, and pursue post-secondary education.

Many of our youth leaders participated in Red Fox Active Play when they were in elementary school. Most of our staff members  are Indigenous or racialized young adults and graduates of Red Fox training. Other Red Fox graduates are now working at other nonprofit agencies, and childcare centres throughout Metro Vancouver.

There are waiting lists of youth wanting to join our training, and schools and community organizations wanting Red Fox programs for their children and families.

We have two long-term goals: to meet community demand for our programs, and to continue to promote  Youth Leaders to staff members, so that all our Active Play and Youth Leadership programs are supervised by local youth.

Red Fox has won several awards, including the British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association’s Programme Excellence Award and the Roger Inman Award for Community Economic Development.

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