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Food Security

Is your family experiencing food insecurity during this pandemic?

Red Fox Society collaborates with our community partners and delivers groceries right to your door!

During the first wave of Covid-19, many youth and families involved in our programs were experiencing food insecurity. Thanks to the support of the Government of Canada and United Way of the Lower Mainland, Red Fox Society launched our Healthy Families Program in September. Some of the food is rescued from local grocery stores. By distributing it to families who need it, we are preventing good food from going to waste. Many of the families we are supporting eat food items that aren’t usually included in typical food security programs. We ask families what items they eat on a regular basis, and we are purchasing those items at small local grocery stores that cater to specific immigrant communities. We are currently serving 57 families and over 230 individuals and this number will grow in 2021 as we continue to roll out the program.

We distribute clothes and books to children and youth as well, thanks to donations from local businesses including Iron Dog Books, an Indigenous-owned local book store.

Our Youth Programs provide youth with life skills and employment training to set them up for success while they transition into adulthood. Knowing how to budget for and prepare healthy meals is an important life skill and essential to healthy living. This year, Red Fox has started training youth and giving them the resources they need to develop life-long habits in healthy eating. We are leading on-line lessons on shopping and cooking and giving youth the resources they need, including groceries and cookware, so that they can make simple healthy meals on their own.

Click HERE to register today!

For more information contact Megan, Healthy Families Program Manager, at

Thanks to the support of the Government of Canada and United Way of the Lower Mainland for making this program possible:

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