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J Peachy

Contractor - Community Engaged Artist

J Peachy is an Arts Based Environmental Health Advocate and his art speaks to themes as they relate to the psycho, socio and ecological environments. J Peachy is active in his community engaged art practice through a wide range of creative projects from solo work to multi-disciplinary arts activations.

Through arts based Wild Salmon Advocacy in BC, he has combined mental wellness and environmental advocacy through a number of Arts based initiatives including working with the Port Moody Ecological Society, Wild Salmon Caravan and many indigenous communities in Coast Salish Territories.

Jay often shares knowledge through an entertaining inspiring lens, designed to challenge how we think we see the world around us. As a barista and creative producer of mobile creative cafe events, his expressive platform can be taken to the streets.  The collaboration with Red Fox Healthy Living Society is truly exciting.

J Peachy
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