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Food Security

Red Fox Feasting brings children and families together to share culture, strengthen social connections, and eat delicious, healthy food made from scratch. Menus are all planned, cooked and served by our Chef and Culinary Instructor along with Youth Leaders, as part of our Youth Leadership program.

For kids and parents, Feasting is a chance to learn about healthy eating while picking up specific ideas and recipes that they can use at home. These regular gatherings improve food security and provide a valuable opportunity for building community relationships and networks of support.

Feasting gives participants in our Youth Leadership program the chance to learn culinary and food service skills from our experienced Chef and Culinary Instructor. Youth get involved in all aspects of meal planning and service, from budgeting and grocery shopping, to plating and presentation. Youth Leaders learn how to use fresh, locally-available ingredients to produce exciting and varied menus that can be cooked at home.

Feasting is currently offered once a week after Active Play sessions at Strathcona Community Centre, and is growing to soon include Surrey.

“Our Food Security program supports families through food distribution and cooking tips. This has helped us youth recognize the importance of giving a helping hand to those in need. Getting the chance to help feed families is definitely a great feeling.” – Amanda, Intern

See our calendar of events for details of current programs.

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