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Youth Leadership

Our Youth Leadership program gives Indigenous and inner-city youth a unique opportunity to develop practical skills that help them to succeed in employment and in life. We create a supportive environment that empowers youth to build confidence, cultural pride and real responsibility and leadership, despite the challenges they face in their everyday lives.

Youth Leaders receive training and mentoring from Red Fox Youth Workers, while gaining hands-on work experience in Red Fox’s children’s programs. This model has worked for over 600 teens since 2007. The Youth Leadership program is aimed at youths aged 14-19, and currently runs throughout the school year in 15 locations in Vancouver, Surrey and North Vancouver.

Our Youth Leadership program is just the beginning. Armed with skills, practical experience, and greater confidence, youth are better able to make positive life choices. Past Youth Leaders have gone on to jobs in recreation and community work, while others have joined Red Fox through our Youth Worker Internship program and become inspiring role models for the next generation of Red Fox kids.

Youth Leaders benefit from:

  1. Work experience in Red Fox’s Active Play and other children’s programs

  2. Work skills training and leadership workshops run by Red Fox Youth Workers and Red Fox’s Culinary Instructor

  3. Certificate training in areas such as FoodSafe and First Aid

  4. School credit

  5. Supportive mentoring from Red Fox Youth Workers

See our calendar of events for details of current programs.

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